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Digsmates from Hell

horror stories from the web

After Graduation

my take on life, happiness and growing up after graduation

Can I Jammie There?

the UCT student's guide to figuring out how useful the jammie will be for your new-found digs

Read this if you’ve ever had annoying neighbours

loud-neighbour revenge tactics

A Couple of Questions for Kent Lingeveldt

business, life and longboarding

10 Cartoons that Grown Ups Can Enjoy

arguably the best form of social commentry

There's an App For That

embrace the future

10 Cape Town Meal Deals

for a student's budget

Finding Funding - Part 2

study loans from South African banks

Getting to Grips with Main Road

a supplementary addition to any Cape Town guide book

Student Budget Cranking Your Style?

12 ways to make extra cash as a student

Finding Funding - Part 1

the NSFAS process

Chowing With the Best of Them

the exchange student’s guide to South African gastronomy

10 Medieval Hipster Baby Names for the Discerning Cape Townian

ironicus maximus

This is South Africa

a film by Jacques Crafford

Cape Town Photographers to Follow on Instagram

the many faces of the mother city

It’s Up to Us - Students - to Open The Doors of Learning

a call to action that resulted in digsconnect

Should You Take a Gap Year?

(the answer is yes)