We took a long hard look at off-campus student accommodation and decided that the current models, or lack thereof, weren’t working. A system needed to built from the ground up and implemented by people that understood the situation intimately – by students that had struggled time and again to find suitable off-campus accommodation. Better yet, a student that was still struggling to find accommodation while the system was being designed. Out of this, DigsConnect was designed.


Landlords create and then post their property listing.



Students connect with landlords and other students, all messaging is centralised via the website!



Organise your property portfolio and digs experience by putting everything in one place! Manage your property via the site, communicate with your tenants, communicate with your digsmates, manage and track all payments directly on DigsConnect.

We connect landlords and students in South Africa

DigsConnect is essentially a platform for off-campus student accommodation in South Africa. Registered students can create accounts and post their profiles as a potential digsmates - this way you can pair up with other students at your institution to rent out a place, or fill an empty room at your digs.

Homeowners can create a listing for their property with all the bells and whistles. We offer to take professional photographs of your property for you free of charge - that way we can also verify you as the landlord, and your property, ensuring that it is fairly represented. Our highest priority at DigsConnect is the saftey and wellbeing of all our users.
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We are passionate about student accommodation

Our site is clean, simple, elegant and powerful. It was designed by an ex-SRC member from UCT who’s portfolio was, among other things, off-campus student accommodation. We know what we’re talking about and we follow through with consistent work.

Alexandria Procter


Greg Keal

Business Development

Kevin Kumasamba

Web Developer

Alex Chipangura

Web Developer